If you are experiencing an emergency first call 911, then call MAINTCO, (425) 822-5505

MAINTCO has a 24 / 7 response team ready for you. Even during a power outage our office is generator-equipped and here to serve you. MAINTCO is a full service residential and commercial general contracting firm that performs all facets of maintenance, repair and remodel on existing buildings inside and out. We respond to fire, water, disaster and insurance claim work. You will have ONE contact at MAINTCO to make your emergency easier to manage.


emergency service / Insurance claims

MAINTCO responds to over 1,300 calls a year related to wind or water damage from storms or plumbing disasters.

When the unexpected happens, whether it’s a plumbing problem causing flooding or damage resulting from severe winter storms, MAINTCO is the one contractor to call. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We will quickly dispatch qualified professionals to provide immediate assessment of the problem and to begin the repair process including dry-outs and/or temporary weather protection.

We can also facilitate your insurance claim. Our in-house insurance estimator will put the cost of repairs into forms acceptable by the insurance companies and work on your behalf to get you back where you started. You will have ONE team at MAINTCO to make your emergency easier to manage.


When facing a disaster, the immediate actions you take can make the difference between containing the damages to exposing the structure to further widespread damages. Teaming up with a respected restoration contractor like MAINTCO for pre-planning an emergency event will help minimize larger damages to your property and limit your financial exposure. In pre-planning, MAINTCO will pre-inspect your property for common preventative maintenance items that need to be replaced, repaired or maintained before potential failure. MAINTCO will also develop a plan including being your emergency-on-call so that when disaster does strike you know who to call and we know how to respond.

The process can seem daunting, but we are here for you if you are needing support.  Please take the time to prepare.  It can mean a successful and timely mitigation and repair or an exhaustive one.